About us

It all started in 2019 during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic when I became inspired by an article in the Environmental Magazine about two companies in particular - Pela and Native Shoes and by my mother-in-law, AB who were ahead of her time as an advocate for green and sustainable living.

The companies Pela and Native Shoes were driven by the mission to create a waste-free future. The article deeply influenced me and got me to take a closer look at our landfills where the waste ends up, it’s impact on the environment and the business of recycling and composting.

Afterwards we came to the realization these factors were all deeply connected. Change one and the impact on the others change as well. We soon realize we don’t have to stand by and let the world go to crap, there are measures we can take to become echo-friendly and it starts with what we buy, what we sell and how we dispose of and recycle waste.

The ugly fact exist that Canada & the US are wasteful and disposal cultures. The silver-lining is that a little change goes a long way. All it takes takes are baby steps to change our behavior. By reusing, reducing, and recycling our waste.  Here’s another surprising fact, the biggest producer of waste per capita surprisingly is Canada. An estimated 36.1 metric tons per/yr. which is 10 metric tons more per capita than the United States. According to the EPA 2017 stats, every Canadian produces approx. 4 ½ pounds of waste each day and the negative environmental impact is ominous.

We believe doing good for the environment and doing good for humanity go hand in hand and at Going Green Together, we intend to be guided by those principles.

 Hence the birth of a business idea with the mission to:

  • To aid in the preservation of the planet.
  • Reduce waste to the landfills by selling products that are Green, Sustainable, and ethically manufactured or produced.
  • Promote Green and sustainable products that are mostly made from recycled materials thereby benefiting future generations.
  • Deliver current & future benefits to the customer by being a responsible company selling valued & quality products that are green, sustainable and ethically manufactured/produced. 
  • Support organizations & projects that promote green businesses and alleviate poverty by donating a percentage of our sales (your purchases) to those organizations. Such as:
    • Kiva - Providing micro-loans ($25) to small business owners (mostly women) to grow their business and create opportunity for themselves and others as well. The ripple effect can shape the future for a family or an entire community. Our participation at the personal level is now 13 years.
    • Educational projects to empower the "poor" to reduce the cycle of poverty by providing an opportunity for success. Such as the Hanka Educational Project. A project that provides education from grade 1 thru grade 8 in the Matahari slums of Nairobi, Kenya.
    • Future project: To support water well projects thereby providing clean drinking water to Canadian & American Indigenous residents in rural communities.

Our mission therefore is to promote and sell green & sustainable products that not only improve the environment but foster a sustainable future.

Our niche or USP (unique selling proposition) will focus on unique, hi-quality & value products that are "mostly" eco-friendly, biodegradable, made from recycled materials and are ethically sourced. Furthermore, we promote and sell hi-tech smart technology which use energy and resources efficiently.

In addition, we at Going Green Together is contributing 2% of our monthly sales to educational and poverty alleviation projects. 

We welcome you to our site at going-green-together.com with the objective to make a difference.

Further update: A week ago, we began offering customers a 10% discount on products purchased of $75 or more on our site with 50% of the profits from every order donated to the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis via the Canadian Red Cross. And we will continue supporting this cause until the crisis is over.

Thank you for your support,

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